Seldén blocks give you the benefits of a high strength to weight ratio. We only use top quality materials like glass fibre reinforced composite, marine grade stainless steel and machined aluminium. Each component is designed for top performance with the rig under all conditions.


Plain bearing blocks

Great performance in applications with heavy and static loads. Available in 16,20, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 100 mm sheave diameters.

PBB16/PBB20, PBB40, PBB50, PBB60, PBB70, PBB80, PBB100, PBB60/80 Quick Lock

Roller bearing blocks

Low resistance at high, dynamic loads is the main characteristic of Seldén Roller Bearing Blocks.

RBB60, RBB80

Ball bearing blocks

Ball bearing blocks are used where the loads are more moderate and dynamic. The ball bearings provide for good sheave rotation with the lowest possible friction.

BBB20, BBB30, BBB40, BBB60

High load blocks

Stainless steel cheeks to ensure high strength and torsional stiffness. A ball-cage separates the stainless ball bearings reducing friction and weight.

High load ball bearing blocks, High load plain bearing blocks

Ratchet blocks

A switch is used to turn the ratchet function on or off.

Automatic ratchet, Manual ratchet

Swivel locks

An insert to locate the shackle of a BBB, MRB or ARB block at 0° or 90°. When removed the shackle spins freely.