Furlex, with its attractive combination of aluminium, composite and stainless steel, adds more than a touch of style to any yacht. The smooth lines are not only pleasing to the eye, they also make Furlex very durable and easy on the sail and on the sailor.







Furlex video

See the 4th generation of Furlex in action

Furlex 20S 30S 40S

For dinghies and keelboats with ø3-4 mm forestays

Furlex 50S

For 18-26' boats with ø4-5 mm forestays

Furlex 104S - 404S

104S for 22-30' boats with ø4-6 mm forestays
204S for 28-40' boats with ø6-8 mm forestays
304S for 35-45' boats with ø8-10 mm forestays
404S for 40-60' boats with ø12-14 mm forestays

Furlex 500S

For 60-70' boats with ø16 mm forestays


Additional toggles for correct articulation and adjustment of drum height

Furlex TD (Through Deck)

Furlex for Through-Deck installations

Furlex Electric 204E 304E

Electric push-button furling

Furlex H series (Hydraulic)

Hydraulic push-button furling