OWS sliders and Batten receptacles


Over the last 10 years Selden has expanded its range of products related to boat builders, riggers and chandleries to become a more complete supplier of sail handling equipment. Now it is time to focus on sailmakers, by tradition one of the core segment to Seldén.


Sail hardware is not a new product range to Seldén. The MDS (Multi Directional Support) concept, a purpose made traveler for Seldén’s C-sections was introduced 2003 and received very positive attention for what it contributes – easy hoist and dousing of the mainsail by low friction in all directions.

Plastic sail slides from Seldén have been used by sailmakers world wide ever since the early 70’s.

So, what is new?


Outer Wheel Sliders (OWS)

Seldén’s new range of wheel sliders is made to fit old Seldén sections as well as sections from other mast manufacturers. Seldén’s director of marketing Mats-Uno Fredrikson explains:

“ - The sail feeder we used back in the days on our E and D sections has been a problem to sailmakers for decades as there has not been a batten slider on the market that can pass it. The demand for a solution is obvious and as sailmakers is such an important customer group to us, we take the opportunity to introduce 10 new wheel sliders covering the vast majority of mast sections a sailmaker has to deal with.” OWS are available from stock.


Batten receptacles

A unique feature for this composite receptacle is that the batten can be tensioned both from the rear part of the fitting as well as from the front. This way the batten can be tensioned even when the sail is flaked on the boom. Seldén’s new batten receptacles accepts round battens, flat battens and rectangular battens in the most common dimensions. 



Full information (PDF) here.

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