Major leap for effortless performance

Carbon furling mast


Seldén is tweaking the concept of cruising by blending it with a great deal of performance.


The Seldén Group is the World’s leading manufacturer of masts, in particular furling masts, which by now after some 30 years is more a standard than an option with a production cruising boat.


In the 90’s when sailmakers developed sails with vertical battens and a positive roach, the reduction in sail area became less dramatic and furling masts were no longer that much of a compromise with the performance of the boat.


With carbon fiber furling masts prepared for a furling mainsail with big headboard and full roach, Seldén is now taking the concept to a new dimension, and it is done together with Hallberg-Rassy who shares the same ambition of providing convenient sailhandling for the meticulous and performance oriented sailor of a larger yacht.


“- The bare carbon mast section is 39% lighter than corresponding aluminium section which will reduce the heeling and the weather helm to a minimum and improve up-wind performance. The lighter mast also makes for less pitching and pumping in choppy and big seas and the whole set-up will give a richer over-all sailing experience” Magnus Rassy says.


The first carbon furling mast from Seldén goes to the all-new Hallberg-Rassy 50 and it comes with electric drive and a hydraulic outhaul for push button operation.


“- Larger boats with small crews call for smart sail handling and we are constantly pushing our product development in that direction” says Seldén’s CEO Peter Rönnbäck and continues; “- Benefits of carbon fiber masts have been appreciated by racing sailors for decades so why wouldn’t a cruising sailor be offered the same deal?”


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