Seldén T-terminals must only be used in Seldén backing plates. A mix of Seldén terminals and non-Seldén backing plates, and the other way around, is a severe safety risk and will void any possible warranty and responsibility from Seldén.

Item NoSubTypeWire diameter (mm)WCL Reduct (mm)Angle (°)Lateral shroud angle
308-321T-terminal341.008Max 20°
308-322T-terminal459.008Max 20°
308-323T-terminal568.008Max 20°
308-324T-terminal685.008Max 20°
308-325T-terminal797.008Max 20°
308-326T-terminal8108.008Max 20°
308-327T-terminal10112.008Max 20°
308-328T-terminal568.001218° - 25°
308-329T-Terminal685.001218° - 25°