You may edit these data to match your specific boat.

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BOAT data

Fields in BOLD are required for functional calculations.

Boat name:
Length: mm Length over all
Displacement: kg The total weight of the boat, including ballast


mm Boom height
Beam: mm Maximum beam of the boat
Draft: mm Maximum draft of the boat
Ballast: kg Keel weight including bulb
Bulb keel: Bulb keel
RM 30°: kNm Static righting moment the boat creates at 30 degrees heel. 


Values needed for more accurate calculations of Furlex, Rodkicker etc.

P: mm Main sail luff space
Fractional: Forestay of 7/8 height
Forestay diam: mm Diameter of existing forestay
Furlin mast: Furlin mast
E: mm Main sail foot space
S: mm Main sheet distance aft of mast 
FH: mm Forestay height
SPL: mm Spinnaker pole length